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About Patrick Young, Some Honey Beekeeper

Patrick Young’s journey from a high school job seeker to the owner of Red Cedar Honey Farms is truly inspiring. While searching for jobs as a teen, he stumbled upon an open position as a laborer at a bee farm nearby. He quickly fell in love with the bees and found them to be an incredible species. So much so, that he continued to work with them through college, where he was studying to be a police officer. Turns out, his passion for raising and caring for the bees quickly outweighed his desire to be in law enforcement.

That love for bees has been the driving force behind his successful 15+ year career in beekeeping and cranberry farming. The decision to purchase his Wisconsin farm in 2007 and transition it into a hyper-focused cranberry operation demonstrates Patrick’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to his passion for these incredible insects.

By dedicating his farm to cranberry cultivation, he has not only created a successful business but also established an environment committed to sustainable and pesticide-free farming practices. His process not only reduces the need for harmful pesticides but also improves the yield of the plants. 1000’s of acres of cranberry fields are touched by his bees annually, and they produce roughly 65,000 lbs of unique, fruity-flavored nectar.

Patrick is committed to educating and engaging his community about the importance of pollinators and sustainable harvesting processes. In fact, his family shares his love of bees too, with both his daughters’ participating in Beekeeping and Pollinators classes through 4-H. He’s always eager to share his knowledge and experience with those around him in the hopes of fostering more understanding and appreciation for the bees.

Overall, Patrick Young’s story is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication. His unique approach to beekeeping and cranberry farming not only benefits his business but also has positive impacts on the environment and the community. It’s clear that Patrick’s love for bees goes beyond the farm, and we share his hope and commitment to ensuring that same love is passed down to many generations to come!

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