Agave is sweet like honey and boasts a hint of caramel flavor.

About Agave

Agave comes from the sap of a plant and is often used as a vegan alternative to honey. It carries a similar sweetness to honey, and it has slightly caramel undertones. The intensity of the caramel flavor often corresponds with its color, as the darker versions of agave often hold more flavor.

Agave is a little thinner and easier to dissolve than honey, so it’s a great option for sweetening cocktails and iced drinks. You can also incorporate it into your next breakfast spread as a fun alternative to maple syrup on your pancakes and waffles.

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"Some Honey’s passion for great tasting and high-quality products, and their dedication to their customers, is why they stand out among all the other honey brands. Their honey can’t be beat!"
- Jake H.

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