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About Maple Syrup

When the sap of maple trees is collected, boiled, and filtered, it creates the maple syrup we all know and love. The syrup production process allows the final product to be thick, sugary, and without impurities. Natural maple syrups have a simple and consistent sweetness, and their richness produces hints of vanilla and caramel.

Because of its pourability and simple sweetness, maple syrup is the perfect topping on any dish. Most commonly, maple syrup is paired with pancakes and waffles for the perfect weekend wake-up. However, you can use maple syrup as a glaze on meats and vegetables, as an addition to your iced coffee, or as a drizzle on your ice cream sundae. You can never go wrong with adding a touch of maple syrup to your day-to-day dishes.

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"Some Honey’s passion for great tasting and high-quality products, and their dedication to their customers, is why they stand out among all the other honey brands. Their honey can’t be beat!"
- Jake H.

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