Raw & Unfiltered Grade A Honey

Never filtered, always delicious.

What It Means

Raw Honey

Honey is often pasteurized to create a smoother texture, but this process also destroys most of the product’s naturally occurring nutritional benefits. “Raw” honey has not been pasteurized or heated above 118 degrees during its production.

Unfiltered Honey

The honey-filtering process removes small particles, like pollen, from the honey. This creates a smoother and longer-lasting product. “Unfiltered” honey does not go through this process, so it retains both the pollen and its health benefits.

Unfiltered honey can still be strained, which allows bee parts or larger, unwanted debris to be removed from the product before packaging.

USDA Grade A Honey

The United States Department of Agriculture grades honey based on moisture content, defects, and flavor & aroma. USDA grade A honey is the highest quality honey according to the department’s grading system. In order to earn this grade, the unfiltered honey must have a maximum moisture content of 18.6%, practically no particles or defects that affect appearance or edibility, and a taste and aroma free from caramelization, smoke, and other causes.

Natural Honey

Some Honey uses high-quality plants as the source of our honey. Our raw honey is unadulterated and bottled exactly as the bees make it.

Why High-Quality Honey Matters


If honey remains raw and unpasteurized, it retains all of its natural health benefits. Just like most plants in your diet, honey provides antioxidants, several vitamins and minerals, and phytonutrients from the pollen.

Allergy Prevention

Bee pollen is a natural anti-histamine and can help reduce the severity of allergic reactions. When consuming raw, unfiltered honey, you are also likely consuming bee pollen, which can block the release of histamines. Histamines are the main culprit of your runny nose and itchy eyes during allergy season, so consuming the bee pollen present in raw, unfiltered honey may reduce your unwanted symptoms.

Natural Sugar

Because Some Honey’s honey is raw, unfiltered, and 100% pure honey, it does not contain any additives or corn syrup that you may find in lower-quality products. Its natural sugar can provide a quick energy boost, help regulate your blood sugar levels, and provide a less artificial alternative to white sugar.

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