Clover Honey

Clover honey is a timeless classic.

About Clover Honey

Clover honey has a light, floral taste and is one of the most common types of honey. If you aren’t looking to branch into any new flavors, clover honey is a great, neutral option.

Because it is neutral and perfectly sweet, clover honey is the best substitute for any other sweetener. Use it for baking, in your tea, or as a delicious topping on any of your favorite foods!

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What Customers Are Saying About Clover Honey

"I was so glad to see your honey on the Woodman's shelf in Janesville. It reminded me of clover honey from my childhood. Opening the jar, the aroma was great. I eat a pound of honey each week and the flavor is so good. I'll be buying your honey from now on. Thank you for your hard work."
- Mary B.
Janesville, Wisconsin

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