Cranberry Honey

Our cranberry honey’s autumnal flavor completes any dish.

About Cranberry Honey

Cranberry honey introduces a glimpse of tart, cranberry flavor to the honey’s sweet profile. This honey is ideal for the fall weather and fits perfectly into your Thanksgiving Day spread. If you’re looking for a tame, fruity flavor, cranberry honey is worth a try!

Because of its autumnal nature, cranberry honey works well in comfort foods you enjoy around the holidays. Pair it with sweet potatoes and other root vegetables, your favorite holiday pie, or in a fruity drink. The comfort of cranberry honey elevates any of your favorite dishes!

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What Customers Are Saying About Cranberry Honey

"Recently did a tasting of “Some Honey” products. The Wildflower & Cranberry were outstanding! I’ll be adding these alongside my pre- & probiotics to boost my immune system."
- Tom W.
Bradenton, FL

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